Jul 20 2015
Basis Technologies

A smart omnichannel strategy includes countless screens, many journeys, and one digital partner


When it comes to the digital experience, customer expectations have skyrocketed. We now have more access to screens than ever before – an average 4.4 devices per household, according to Nielsen. From mobile to tablet to desktop, consumers are constantly engaging on a multitude of devices – and with high expectations as they hop from channel to channel. Now more than ever is the time for retailers to connect with consumers on a cohesive, cross-channel level.

Over the past year or two, omnichannel has been one of the most used terms in retail strategy. And it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. There will always be the need to provide consumers with a consistent brand experience across every channel. Why? Because an inconsistent experience is a foolproof way to lose customers.

In fact, according to a global study conducted by SDL, 90% of consumers said they expect the customer experience to be seamless across channels and devices. That same report also found that 47% of shoppers reported being frustrated that in-store impressions are different from online impressions, and 40% have reported a disconnect between the information available online versus in stores. The icing on the cake? The top two reasons shoppers say they are loyal to their favorite brands are consistent, predictable service and a dependable, reliable experience across all the devices they use to engage with the brand.

Based on those statistics alone, it is critical for brands to nail down digital initiatives that sync with traditional at both the national and local level. Marketers need to create a more seamless shopping experience across physical stores, Web, and mobile – or otherwise run the risk of losing the bread and butter of their business – the customer. To keep up with consumer demands, all departments within the organization should be familiar with what each division is doing, meaning digital needs to match both traditional and store level efforts. But that’s not enough. Consistent messaging needs to be conveyed throughout – from the local divisions all the way up to the brick and mortar businesses.

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