Jan 14 2015
Basis Technologies

A Conversation with Forrester – Part One: The Digital Video Landscape



As consumers continue to fragment their video viewership across screens, digital video is becoming an effective supplement to TV buying. Where TV has limitations when it comes to targeting, measurement and attribution, digital video has strengths. With the ability to measure digital GRPs and report comparable video metrics across digital devices, advertisers are growing more comfortable with transitioning some TV dollars to digital. Furthermore, with the emergence of programmatic buying techniques in digital video, media buying is poised for a transformation.

In this three-part video presentation, I talk with Jim Nail, principal analyst at Forrester, to explore how agencies can think about video more holistically and use digital video as an effective complement to TV advertising for clients.

In part one of the conversation, Jim and I review the video landscape. The discussion outlines:

  • The latest spending forecast for digital marketing and, specifically, digital video
  • The difference in video consumption between the older and younger set
  • The value of premium long-form content, compared to other content types in video
  • What role short-form video will play in advertising

The benefit with the rapid growth of digital video consumption is that it offers more opportunities to reach targeted niche audiences. The challenge will be finding a way to manage these marketing efforts amid massive audience fragmentation across devices and content sources. Check out the video to learn more.

Stay tuned for part two next week as we dive deeper into planning and buying for digital video.