Oct 1 2021
Gabriel Ribadeneira

A Benchmarking Tool Exclusive to Basis!


Having a point of reference for how we are performing is valuable—both in our personal and professional lives. Benchmarks provide useful information for goal-setting by helping us to understand where we're succeeding and where we can improve. However, finding these starting points is not always easy.

Media professionals often come up against this issue when working on advertising campaigns. In planning, they need guidance on what KPI metric and value they should strive for. While the campaign is running, they can benefit from having something to compare to, ensuring that they're moving in the right direction. At the end, they need the ability to report on how a campaign performed relative to other advertisers.

Market Trends, a benchmarking tool exclusive to Basis, was created to address this pain point. By analyzing information from 250,000+ line items and 14,000 brands, Basis gives users access to four graphs with performance and spend data across channels, verticals, properties, and KPIs.

With just a few clicks, advertising professionals can access a consistent source of reliable data, directly in the platform. Users no longer need to waste time browsing through multiple pages to get the information they want. Today, programmatic buyers can access the following graphs:

  • Performance over Time: Learn how each KPI has performed through the year with this bar graph.
  • Performance by KPI: Discover the median values achieved for each KPI, per channel.
  • Performance by Property: Examine the top spending properties within specific channels.
  • Spending Distribution: Identify how advertisers are distributing budgets across Direct, DSP, Search and Social.

For each graph, users can customize the data by filtering by date range or by any of the 26 different verticals. See below for a sample "Performance by KPI" Market Trends graph:

Sample performance by KPI graph

Start creating more data-driven media plans and eliminate the time and cost associated with collecting, researching, and organizing information to guide your advertising choices—let Market Trends do the work for you!

Reach out to learn more about how you can utilize Market Trends to strengthen your media strategies.