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The New Rules of Advertising, Hyperlocal or Bust

When Centro first started, we made our name as the go-to partner for local buys and local expertise. We’ve expanded our offering significantly since then, but we still recognize the value of local targeting in modern media.

These days, mobile phones, and more importantly smart phones, are in the hands of everyone and their grandma. Literally. Marketers are taking advantage of this uptick in mobile consumption to get face time with their consumers long after they leave their desktops. To reach this audience on the move, local targeting efforts are, once again, the name of the game. Enter the simultaneous rise of programmatic technology, and marketers have a powerful trifecta of targeting.

Tom Burg, VP of Product Marketing at Centro, partnered with the 4A’s to deliver the webinar The New Rules of Advertising, Hyperlocal or Bust earlier this year. The fantastic resulting webinar looks at mobile through the lens of local & programmatic, along with the opportunities that various types of hyper-local targeting presents to marketers who are increased relevancy in their targeting and performance.

Now available for download, this webinar recording will help you:

• Understand how hyperlocal advertising works on mobile and how is it used.
• Understand how conversion tracking and behavioral targeting are solved on mobile.
• Develop your knowledge programmatic mobile ad buying on mobile web sites and mobile apps.
• Think about creative techniques for finding the right audiences on mobile.

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