Wednesday, Dec 16th 2020
Ryan Manchee

Sound On: What’s Next For Streaming Audio


Brad Grealy

Head of Client Partnerships, US | Spotify

Audio consumption is one among many consumer habits that have transformed in 2020. Audio content is booming, with 62% of listeners streaming more audio, and 29% streaming more podcasts, than ever before.

Join Spotify's Brad Grealy to hear the latest listening insights from 2020, and find out how to innovate with audio in 2021.

You'll learn:

  • How and why listener behavior is changing
  • What's on the horizon for audio advertising in 2021
  • New ways to innovate and automate with industry-leading ad technology

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Brad Grealy

Head of Client Partnerships, US | Spotify

Brad Grealy is the Head of Spotify’s AMP team, responsible for growing advertising revenue across all demand channels and content categories in the US, including music and podcast. Under his leadership, Brad’s team of Client Partners work closely with brands to reach Spotify audiences while they’re enjoying their favorite audio experiences.