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Mobile Ad Spend, Native Advertising & Digital Trends

Mobile Ad Spend On the Rise

eMarketer expects overall spending on mobile advertising in the U.S., including display, search and messaging-based ads served to mobile phones and tablets, to rise 180% this year to top $4 billion (previously forecasted at a slower growth of 80% in September). The jump in growth is largely attributed to “native” ad formats like Facebook’s mobile newsfeed ads and Twitter’s Promoted Products.

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Digital Marketing Trends

In the year ahead, digital marketing budgets are expected to increase by 50%-150%. According to a recent MediaPost article, key trends that are driving this growth include: near field communication, gamification, second screen, wearable tech, cineprint, geofencing, and augmented reality. What other trends should we expect to see in 2013? Which trends will soar and which will sink?

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The Native Advertising Debate

What’s all the buzz about native advertising? A recent study reveals that half of media planners will try native advertising in 2013. Native advertising is considered to be a natural, integral part of how people consume information vs. unwelcomed, interrupted messages; however, the debate is still out on the agreed upon definition. Regardless, the more inviting, emotionally-stimulating, and relevant the ad, the better chance it will connect with consumers. Can an ad format become too native to an environment?

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