Ryan Manchee

Future of Automation

Earlier this year, the 4As set out to create a 360-degree view of programmatic and other forms of automation. In partnership with The 614 Group, a multi-part initiative was conducted via content research, qualitative interviews, and quantitative surveys. Centro joined as a Platinum Sponsor to help underwrite the study, and to increase our own understandings of how automation is impacting business.

Now that the study is complete, Centro, along with 4As and The 614 Group, is sharing research findings and conducting roundtable discussions with 4As member agencies on a multi-city roadshow throughout the US.

In this webinar, the principal researchers at The 614 Group, share their takeaways, including:

  • What the future role of the agency looks like
  • The increasing importance of data
  • How automation and programmatic are related, but are not the same
  • What areas of the industry are primed for investment and innovation

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