Apr 22 2020
Basis Technologies

The Advantages of Programmatic Advertising


If programmatic advertising had an official fan squad, I imagine their cheers would sound something like this:

“Programmatic is the best—CPMs beat all the rest!”

With programmatic advertising, buying in the open auction is priced on a dynamic CPM (or cost per thousand). This allows the bidder to bid either competitively or more efficiently, based on the targeting parameters and market conditions.

When effective CPMs are lower than the contracted rate, dollars are reinvested into more media spend which means more impressions and potentially increased reach. Typical CPMs are lower than if you were to go site direct, so the reduced costs lead to increased efficiencies when targeting your audience at scale.

“Computers, phones, and tablets too. With our data we’ll reach you!”

Most programmatic platforms include multichannel targeting across computers, phones, tablets, and even connected TV devices. With the use of data (whether 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party), your buying strategy can focus on reaching your intended audience no matter what device they’re using.

Cross device capabilities also help extend your audience to find a user anywhere, regardless of the type of data your audience segment includes, including IP-based connected TV devices.

“Real time data plays a role. Help to hit your campaign goal!” 

Programmatic real-time bidding (RTB) happens so quickly that data refreshes can happen every second. If you really wanted to refresh your page that often, you could see the cost you are paying, the budget you have spent, and the impressions you have served for the current day up to the last second.

Having that immediate insight allows for real time optimizations to occur, with real time performance metrics down to the creative level.

“Domain, device, and geo insight. Transparency with all our might!”

Most bid requests in the programmatic space include the domain or app, the device type, and the geo where the ad placement that needs to be filled is coming from.

With insight into these settings, we can report on the performance of each and understand where our ads are served. This transparency rolls into the optimizations we make and the strategies we implement on future campaigns.

OK, I’ll be honestI’ve been part of the Programmatic Fan Club for 11 years now. If these programmatic advantages pique your interest, learn more about Programmatic Advertising with Centro!