Dec 17 2021

Hope and hype: Avoiding ad fraud in the hot connected TV market

Advertising tends to work in hype cycles. Native ads, mobile targeting, social media — over the past decade, all of these channels have been touted as the long-sought miracle for marketers and advertisers to break through the noise.

Now, with at least one connected TV (CTV) in 80% of U.S. households, advertisers are ready to realign their hopes once more.

With seemingly high-quality content and a large reach, CTV — often powered by Google Chrome, Roku, Apple TV or other devices — seems like a good ad bet on its face. And with the looming possible obsolescence of third-party cookies triggering panic over ad targeting on desktop and mobile, CTV offers attractive inventory. But there may be a big downside for those not willing to perform due diligence: It can be easy to fall victim to bad actors exploiting the hype CTV is currently experiencing.

Read more from Basis Technologies' Ian Trider in TechCrunch (subscription).

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