Mar 16 2022

Facebook Sets Up Shop on TikTok With Verified Account

"Social platforms setting up shop on other social platforms has been around, well, as long as social platforms, and the latest example emerged over the weekend when Facebook created an account on TikTok.

The account is verified and had roughly 14,600 followers at the time of this post, but it had not shared any videos or other content, save for a link to the Facebook application on Google Play...

Amy Rumpler, senior vice president of paid search and social at digital ad platform Basis Technologies, agreed, telling Adweek, “It’s not unusual for the different respective social platforms to have accounts on each other’s sites and apps. For example, Meta has a Twitter account that it uses to post news and updates fairly regularly. Pinterest has a Facebook account that it uses to promote ads in several languages. TikTok has its own Instagram account, as well.”

Read more in Adweek.

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