Feb 14 2024

CTV Advertising Factors for 2024 Campaigns

"For political advertisers, the path to connecting with voters is clear – connected TV is key as voters have migrated and are engaged. The share of political spend on CTV/OTT is significant and is expected to grow.

There is $10 billion projected to be spent on advertising in the 2024 election – an all-time record. Ad spend on broadcast TV is projected to be $5 billion (surpassing$4.5b in 2020), and connected TV/streaming will likely top out at 1.8 billion (up from $1B in 2022). CTV continues to reach larger audiences – and with that, active voters. According to a recent study by LG Ads, 65% of likely voters prefer streaming TV over linear TV."

Read more from Basis Technologies' Jaime Vasil in Advertising Week.

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