Feb 14 2024

ADTECH'S PANDORAS BOX: Unleashing Brand Safety Beasts and Budget Black Holes

"Join us on the ADOTAT Show for a groundbreaking roundtable discussion: "ADTECH'S PANDORA'S BOX: Unleashing Brand Safety Beasts and Budget Black Holes." Dive deep with our expert panelists as they unravel the complexities of digital advertising and confront the industry's most pressing challenges.

Panelists: Richard Kahn: Co-founder & CEO of eZanga.com and Anura.io, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in technology, and a maverick in digital security. Mike Zaneis: CEO of Trustworthy Accountability Group, Brand Safety Institute co-founder, and a trailblazer at the nexus of technology, policy, and media. Jared Siegal: CEO of Aditude, transforming ad operations from a one-man consultancy to a vital service for 20 publishers. Zach Moore: SVP of Digital Media Operations at Basis Technologies, a strategist turning digital media campaigns into bullseye hits. Michael Bishop: Co-founder & CTO of OpenAds.ai, pioneering new pathways in digital advertising with cutting-edge tech."

Watch the episode on ADOTAT.

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