Jan 24 2022

Basis Technologies seeks to serve employees looking for a sense of community

Basis Technologies has been ranked #4 on Ad Age's Best Places to Work 2022!

From Ad Age:

"How do the best places work? You’ve got to pay to play: It all starts with good compensation and a solid benefits package.

Ad Age Best Places to Work 2022 honors 50 companies that did a standout job last year as the ad business rebounded, the talent pool tightened and the specter of COVID-19 remained omnipresent at work, at home—and at work at home.

The winning companies outranked other workplaces in factors ranging from pay and benefits to corporate culture and leadership."

About Basis Technologies, according to Ad Age:

Basis Technologies was in the right business when the pandemic hit in 2020 and sent office workers to home offices. Basis builds software that helps standardize business practices and fosters remote collaboration.

“One of the core features of the platform is to unite remote teams through in-app messaging and communications,” Katie Risch, chief marketing officer of Basis Technologies, said in a recent phone interview. “And that’s actually been tremendously helpful for us and an unintended benefit of the platform.”

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