Aug 2021
Basis Technologies

Reaching People When it Matters Most to Drive Donations


A non-profit organization committed to improving the health of mothers and babies through research, community services, education & advocacy needed to raise brand awareness to educate the public about the cause and inspire people to take action.


Basis Technologies’ managed services team developed a robust search strategy designed to connect ads with a highly targeted audience who are actively researching. The strategy was led with an “always-on” all-year-round approach and supplemented with event-specific nationwide and local campaigns to stay top of mind and generate as many donations as possible. Both strategies' key performance indicators (KPIs) focused on donation revenue and a $1 or less cost-per-dollar raised (CPDR). As a Google Premier Partner, the Basis Technologies team has a direct line to Google that comes with data, advanced optimizations, and more. They leveraged their partnership to provide continuous optimizations and increased performance.


Basis Technologies provided the expertise and buying power that resulted in 8,542 donation conversions generating $748,433 in donation revenue with an effective $0.40 CPDR. Their success is attributed, in part, by continuously reviewing measurement reports and optimizing keywords in real-time that improve results and reduce costs.


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