Aug 2021
Basis Technologies

Digital Media Efforts Generates Nearly $800K in Revenue for Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR)

With a mission of delivering memorable game-day experiences and serving a Louisiana-inspired menu that offers food and drinks made from scratch daily, the quick-service restaurant (QSR) franchises have become a local favorite.

The QSRs success has grown with over 100 franchised locations in the works across 15 states. With a unique concept, an innovative food menu, and a winning culture, the brand is on track for strategic franchise expansion nationwide.


Like many leading brands, the client was already reevaluating their partner strategy with their agency of record, and the pandemic only moved the process forward. AdExchanger reports that 70% of digital marketers are reevaluating their partner plans. While only 18% of the respondents are reevaluating partners specifically due to the pandemic, more than half (52%) were already evaluating their strategy and now say the outbreak has accelerated those plans.

The client desired an ad tech partner that delivered the perfect combination of full-service management, digital expertise, data-driven strategy, and analytics obsessed that could effectively reach consumers in various designated marketing areas (DMAs) within an ever-changing digital media landscape.


The client evaluated a variety of solutions, ultimately selecting Basis Technologies’ Managed Services due to its unique business model, performance-focused approach, and raving fan service.

The client utilized Basis Technologies’ team for strategy development, activation, insights, and optimization recommendations to drive their first-ever digital media efforts across 37 DMAs. The channel strategy implemented a Facebook and Instagram campaign to boost online orders and app installs. The Basis Technologies team leveraged their Facebook partnership for analytics reports, advertiser spends optimization recommendations, measurement best practices, creative tips, and more to help maximize ad budgets and achieve the results needed to succeed.


Basis Technologies provided the expertise and buying power that resulted in 46,194 clicks (0.57% click-through-rate) generating almost $800,000 in revenue with an effective $1.45 cost-per-click. In summary, Basis Technologies provided:

Channel Strategy and Activation

Smarter media performance with award-winning subject matter experts who plan, buy, & execute across all digital channels & devices within Basis Technologies' owned and operated tech, Basis.

Analytics & Measurement

Received robust reporting, insights, and optimization recommendations during weekly in-depth performance reviews.

Flexible Solution

Achieved the level of support that the brand needed to extend its bandwidth and see real performance from digital media campaigns.


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