May 2022
Basis Technologies

Creating Operational Efficiencies with Basis Technologies/FreeWheel Integration

Independent advertising agency redefines their digital media business from planning to payment by automating laborious tasks through Basis and its robust API-level integration with FreeWheel.

Basis Technologies and FreeWheel Partnership

Basis Technologies and FreeWheel have partnered to build a complex API-level integration to connect front-to-end digital campaign management. Data from media buying doesn’t translate easily to finance systems, making monthly and quarterly reconciliation a major pain point for agencies. Through the API-level integration, Basis systematically transfers campaign data to FreeWheel to drive billing and reconciliation actions within Strata.

Automating the Digital Media Buying Process

Before Basis, Davis Elen Advertising was not including digital campaign data within Strata; instead, they would build plans via Excel, enter plans into their ad server, and then input data into their accounting system. This approach led to a lot of manual effort to maintain accurate and up-to-date spreadsheets and created additional risk associated with human error through data collection and entry.

With the integration between Basis and FreeWheel, Davis Elen Advertising was able to make Strata their holistic source of truth across all media activity. Now, instead of cobbling together an assortment of manual reports to understand how budgets are being allocated, their team can generate a single report to ensure all media buying activity is accurately accounted for.

Improving Reporting and Accuracy

The integration also streamlines the tracking of IDs that are generated from Strata. This allows the IDs to flow across systems. This allows the Davis Elen Advertising team to create an efficient tracking thread—inclusive of both digital and traditional activation—across campaigns, enabling clear visibility into spend allocations without additional time or manual effort.

Additionally, solving for this problem provided the Davis Elen Advertising team with improved granularity, and allows for reports to be pulled holistically to understand spend allocations across the agency, brands and campaigns, saving time and effort and limiting potential risks associated with human error.


2 hours: average time savings in billing reconciliation by Basis Users. (Source: Basis User Study conducted by Directions Research, 2022)

  • Digital media activity accelerated by automating and having a single source of truth for all media activity
  • Financial risk minimized by ensuring billing is recorded accurately
  • Holistic reporting across all digital and traditional media activity
  • Operational efficiencies were created by reducing manual processes, allowing teams to focus on higher-level tasks


"Basis has helped streamline multiple processes such as our digital media planning, execution, reporting, and client billing—saving our entire team countless hours. The Basis platform is always improving and evolving and has become our central hub for all things digital media."

- Drew Olkowski, Media Director, Planning & Data Analytics, Davis Elen Advertising


For more information regarding Basis' integration with Strata, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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