Apr 2023
Dannalyn Prado

Bailey Lauerman Partners With Basis Technologies to Elevate Digital Media Services

Bailey Lauerman, a full-service agency, understood that digital media plays a crucial role in achieving marketing success. While the agency's digital planning and buying services were already robust, its leadership team recognized the need to find an adtech partner to help them stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape and execute their sophisticated and strategic plans.

The Ask

  • Effectively bring all media, including programmatic, in-house
  • Consolidate adtech stack
  • Improve vendor RFP negotiation and contract management
  • Streamline campaign planning and execution
  • Boost campaign effectiveness
  • Centralize campaign data and reporting

The Solution

Bailey Lauerman expresses high satisfaction with Basis' technology and support they receive from their Basis team. The following are some notable features that Bailey Lauerman values:

  • Omni-channel media plans in one view to see the full picture
  • Vendor directory to easily move from conception to execution
  • AI optimization engine to drive performance and unlock efficiencies 
  • Real-time reporting and transparency
  • Approach to a cookieless future
  • AdTech Academy education and training needed to become a Basis and industry expert

The Results

  • Happier Clients: The implementation of Basis has given greater control and precision, leading to enhanced campaign performance that has translated into happier clients. Specifically, clients have experienced lower CPMs, increased impressions, and improved targeting, resulting in their increased satisfaction with the advertising campaigns.
  • New Business: Bailey Lauerman is successfully pursuing and securing new clients that require advanced and strategic media planning.
  • Engaged Employees: The team members acquired valuable skills, remained actively involved, and are enthusiastic about being closely involved in the company's operations. Additionally, they now have more time to focus on optimizing, presenting new business pitches, and engaging in strategic thinking.

Meet Bailey Lauerman

Bailey Lauerman is a full-service agency that has been recognized by the Effie Effectiveness Index as one of the Top 10 Most Effective Independent Agencies in the nation, was awarded “Small Agency of the Year” by Advertising Age and has been named one of “20 Small Agencies that Punch Above Their Weight,” in Forbes. The agency has earned national recognition for its work with top brands including Disney, Union Pacific, Bosch, Panda Express, UnitedHealthcare and The Smithsonian.

“Basis has positively impacted our entire organization. It has enabled our team to increase productivity, improve campaign performance, and dedicate more time to strategic planning, proactive media ideas, research and pitching new business.”

- Megan Storm, Head of Media, Bailey Lauerman

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