Dec 16 2022
Clare McKinley

Your Favorite Blog Posts from This Year


Ah, 2022. Who were we before you came along? Naïve to the digital advertising regulation you’d introduce, ignorant to how Elon Musk would buy and change Twitter, utterly unprepared for how TikTok could make a 37-year old song a top 10 hit.

You’ve changed us, 2022, and we know that your impact will reach far beyond the moment when the ball touches the ground in Times Square this New Year’s Eve. To that end, we wanted to pay our respects by taking a look at the content our readers found most useful as you unfolded. After all, you gave digital marketers quite a lot to think about.

Without further ado, here are our readers’ top ten favorite articles from the past year. Pay attention, 2022: Their selections undoubtedly say something about you!

1) Gen Z Technology Habits and Media Consumption by the Numbers

As the most digitally savvy generation yet matures into adulthood, it’s more important than ever for marketers to understand what makes them tick. Here, learn where Gen Z technology and media use stand today, and see how those habits are predicted to evolve in coming years.

2) Programmatic Advertising in 2022: 7 Trends to Know

From the rise of CTV and audio to a renewed emphasis on creative, nearly all of the programmatic trends that defined 2022 show no sign of slowing in the years to come. This piece outlines seven of those trends in detail.

3) Digital Advertising Regulation in 2022: What Marketers Need to Know

Boy, oh boy, was 2022 a big year for digital advertising regulation. Check out this article to get a recap on all the most important developments, plus an explanation of how the latest legislation impacts advertising and marketing professionals.

4) Connected TV Advertising: Best Practices for Planning, Targeting, and Measuring

Connected TV was all the rage in 2022, with ad spend growing by 23% from 2021. To help advertisers navigate the fragmented landscape, this piece offers tips for managing CTV campaigns from start to finish. (PS: Want even more CTV insights? Check out our ultimate guide to CTV advertising!)

5) Advertising Opportunities in the Metaverse

“Metaverse”: it was so close to being the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year, but in the end, it just wasn’t a match for “goblin mode”. Maybe next year, metaverse! In the meantime, this piece delves into three of the most popular advertising approaches marketers are adopting in the metaverse space right now.

6) Google Delays Third-Party Cookie Deprecation to 2024: An AdTech Perspective

Again, Google?! The tech giant’s decision to delay third-party cookie deprecation in Chrome to 2024 was one of the biggest news stories of this year. Here’s our POV on what the delay means for digital advertisers.

7) Why Audio is Digital Advertising’s Fastest Growing Category

As you listen to your 2022 Spotify Wrapped playlist, read this to learn all about the rise of audio advertising—what makes the channel so unique, why it’s booming, and what benefits it can bring to your campaigns.

8) Media Complexity in the Marketing Landscape

We know we’re preaching to the choir here, but today’s marketing landscape is…a lot. So much so that marketers are using an average of nine different platforms to run a typical campaign! Here, learn about the factors causing media complexity, and get to know the solutions that are poised to usher in a better future for everyone working in the marketing space.

9) Omnichannel Advertising Platforms: What They Are and Why You Need One

Did we mention that managing marketing campaigns has never been so complex? This piece breaks down why simply adding more and more point solutions to your tech stack only serves to further complicate things, and how omnichannel advertising platforms offer a sustainable solution.

10) Impact of the 2022 Midterm Elections on the US Advertising Landscape

The 2022 midterms were a whirlwind of unprecedented spend and branching out into new(er) channels like CTV and influencer marketing. Here, we explore the top takeaways from Basis Technologies’ annual political advertising survey.

Bonus - 11) Going Deep on Live Sports Advertising Opportunities

Live sports viewing has changed dramatically in recent years. How can digital advertisers effectively reach and connect with sports fans in this new, disparate landscape? Read this for all the answers.

To all our 2022 readers: Thanks for spending your time with us this past year! It’s our pleasure to provide digital marketing insights, best practices, and thought leadership to help you crush your marketing goals.

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