Mar 25 2020
Ben Smith

Working From Home 101: Physical Space


Hello to those who find themselves now working from home! I’m Ben Smith, Salesforce Architect at Centro. I’m writing to offer some tips and tricks for setting up your physical working space while working from home. Take it from meI’ve been working remotely from home for over 10 years. Even more, I’ve figured out how to WFH successfully with five homeschooled kids at home.

Rest assured, I promise this adventure will be as much ‘business as usual’ as it will be an accelerated rush of focused productivity for you. All those ‘to dos’ piled up on your desk, those colorful squares of post-it notes stuck to your monitor…. Forget about them! You don’t need them. In fact, it’s a good thing you forgot to bring those home, isn’t it? Because now you have basically ‘Marie Kondo-ed’ your workspace!

Defining the physical space where you can truly focus and work is very important.  So important, that I would say it is the single most important thing to get right when you are working remotely.  

Having the same well-defined physical space to work in every day allows you to establish proper boundaries between your everyday home life and your professional work life. My top three personal requirements for a home office are as follows:

  1. A separate room with a door that closes. (Five kids, remember?)
  2. A large window for ample sunlight. (I live in Montana, the winters are long!)
  3. A small fan. (Temperature control and ambient noise.)

Below you will see some additional tips from Centrons that exclusively work from home to help you define your new WFH space.­ They're all great suggestions and I hope they help you find your optimal workspace!

“Make sure to have your space set up before you start the day. I always make it my "work only" space so that I can separate work from home. It helps me compartmentalize work. Sometimes I even light a candle to lighten the mood.”
Amanda Wallman (McDonald)

“Formalize your space.  Arrange your desk space as you would in the office.  Don't just push your cereal bowl out of the way for your laptop.  Your workspace should be designated as specifically that: workspace.”
Andy Alvardo

“If possible, try to work in a room with a door that you can close for privacy. Practice good posture while sitting (just like you hopefully would do in an office) and don't sit in front of the TV or work while laying on your bed.”
Christine Lundell

“What was most valuable to me was carving out a space in my apartment that I would only use for work. I know this isn't possible for everybody, but if it is, I would highly recommend doing so.”
Gabe Doran

“Create a space that makes you happy, but get out of it often. Walk around and use your porch or deck if you have one.”
Stephanie Jurney

As a parting thought, don’t forget to go to your workspace like you would go to work, thereby mentally putting yourself in the mindset of work. Try and keep your routine the same as you would at the office. I think you'll find that your productivity will increase dramatically!

You have your laptop, you have your phone, and you have your team—let’s do this!

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