Sep 15 2014
Basis Technologies

Why We're Here: Centro's Cornerstone


Why does anyone do what they do for a living?  What keeps a person waking up in the morning and going into work day after day?

At Centro, we joke about drinking the “Centro Kool Aid”. Inevitably, Centrons set aside skepticism about the too-good-to-be-true work environment and begin to embrace the culture as a way of life. Above a relaxed work environment, benefits, and days off, Centrons are united by the core principles and character traits detailed in the Centro Employee Manifesto.

Nestled in Centro’s careers page, the Centro Employee Manifesto; a creed that details the people we are and the company we want to become. This creed is read by candidates and re-read by employees. Across the continent, Centrons take time to look back on the document that unites us on our mission to become better people, and better employees for a better company. The manifesto keeps us in tune with the character and leadership we should expect from ourselves as well as our teammates.

Another part of the Centro quest for betterment are the customer service values detailed in the book Raving Fans. A copy of this book is given to every employee during their orientation with the company. In it, we find the roadmap to not only delivering exquisite customer service, but building business relationships that go beyond the meetings we have and the plans we execute. An internal award is given monthly to the employees that best display Raving Fan service — making it a Centro way of life.