Aug 20 2020
Basis Technologies

What is Digital Audio Advertising?


What is Digital Audio Advertising?

Digital audio advertising has ballooned over the past few years as technology has advanced the access and availability to streaming media, which in turn, has increased users' overall time online. According to the 2019 Infinite Dial report, Americans over the age of 12 years old are listening nearly 17 hours of online audio a week!

This is a huge opportunity to enter the new landscape of audio advertisements. eMarketer also reports that as listenership on traditional radio continues to fall year over year, digital radio is expected to surpass traditional by 2021.

The rise in digital audio streaming creates the need for easy and efficient digital audio advertising. This is where audio advertising, served programmatically, takes the lead. Programmatic audio is a type of digital advertising format designed for placement in audio contents such as podcasts, digital radio, and music-streaming services.

Audio Advertising with Centro  

Centro’s Basis has direct PMP partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands and partners in the digital advertising landscape. Programmatic audio served through Basis is served based on an algorithm that analyzes where the targeted audience is within the specific programmatic audio marketplace.

Learn more about the audio advertising opportunity with Centro, here.