Aug 22 2019
Basis Technologies

What I Learned as a Summer Centern


When I walked into Centro’s office on the first day of my internship, I was extremely nervous, but also filled with excitement! I felt ready to spend the summer in Centro’s amazing Chicago headquarters.

I was (and still am) excited about the unique opportunities that come with working at a growing company, such as meeting Centro’s CEO, Shawn Riegsecker and contributing articles to the blog. My nerves eased when I finally sat at my desk, met my amazing bosses, and got to work.

Being a Centern (or an intern at Centro) has been unlike any job experience I have had before. Even as an intern, I’ve been able to play a large role in Centro’s content marketing efforts. Most importantly, I have learned a lot about the ad tech industry and developed my skills as a content creator. Here are just a few things I have learned from my 11 weeks at Centro:

Going to Work Can Be Enjoyable

Before starting this internship, I thought people who had office jobs sat miserably at their desks, staring bleakly at their computer screens. Centro quickly proved my preconceived notion incorrect!

Whether it’s taking a break to get a fresh cup of cold brew, or having a quick chat at someone’s desk, Centrons (Centro employees) make the work day anything but boring. To reward all of the hard work, happy hour gatherings usually ensue on Fridays, where even the (21+) interns are able to mingle with full-time employees to enjoy a few laughs and beers on tap!

Centro Is Growing… Fast!

With every article I wrote, I learned more about Centro’s many areas of growth—from new partnerships to unique features in Basis, Centro is quickly expanding its offerings.

Throughout my internship, I always felt like I was in the midst of something new and exciting. Basis is still a relatively new product, but it has already been rated the #1 DSP by G2 Crowd for two years running! It was amazing to see exactly how this company is growing from the inside out.

Anyone Can Understand Ad Tech  

I’ll admit, when I accepted the internship at Centro, I didn’t completely understand what their tech platform, Basis, was. Initially, it was intimidating to begin writing for Centro and about ­­­the ad tech industry!

Yet, with the help of my mentors and colleagues, I soon learned more about Basis and how vast and complex the ad tech industry truly is. I also learned about content creation specific to the ad tech industry—this type of writing was new to me, but I was able to meet with a variety of subject matter experts across the company to learn about emerging trends and relevant topics.

Snacks Are Vital to the Work Day

Centro definitely understands the importance of a mid-day snack. The snack closet is always stocked with the best treats like trail mix, popcorn—even Pop Tarts! There are always healthy options like fruit, yogurt, and oatmeal too!

Let’s not forget about drinks—there are so many types of tea it took me a couple weeks to finally try them all! The free coffee (and cold brew on tap) is always a plus too.

Making Friends at Work Is Easy

At the beginning, I was mostly nervous about meeting new people. Would anyone want to talk to the new intern? From day one on, it was clear that my co-workers were interested in talking to me. They didn’t treat me like an intern, but instead, as their equal. While I thought I would find my boss and mentors intimidating, they ended up being my biggest supporters! They wanted to get to know me as more than just an intern.

Of course, it was also a huge plus to have other interns in the office. Every single intern was friendly and helped make my experience even better.

Self-Care Is Important

One of the best qualities of Centro’s culture is their value for self-care. After all, there is a yoga studio and meditation room in the office! There’s even a sign in the kitchen with tips on how to breathe, relax, and stretch at your desk.

All of the employees (including the interns) get a free subscription to Headspace. I had never meditated before working at Centro, but quickly began to love it. At the end of every team meeting, the Content team and I would meditate for three minutes to refresh our minds before continuing our day.

Hard Work Goes a Long Way

At Centro, you get back what you put in. Centrons want you to walk away having learned something—there’s no coffee-fetching in this internship! It was different any other internship I had previously experienced, because I felt like a real employee! I wasn’t given busy work, and truly felt like I was able to make a difference!

Interns have the freedom to choose which skills they want to build on. If there was a project I was interested in, my boss always looped me in. The Centernship experience is far more than an internship—it’s a way of improving skills—such as team building, content writing/creation, and leadership in my case—and building new ones!

Centro is not only a unique place to work, but also a special place to intern. Interns are always busy learning and having fun! Learn more about other internships that Centro offers, or apply by visiting our Careers page today!