Aug 8 2022
Goretti Duncker Joseph

Wellnesspalooza Season is Here!


At Basis Technologies HQ in Chicago, there’s a certain summer event we all look forward to every year. For an extended period of time, we get to focus on connecting with each other, moving our bodies, and trying new things.

Oops—did you think we were talking about a company-wide Lollapalooza excursion? No, it’s Wellnesspalooza that’s got us excited!

What is this intriguing event with its incredibly original name, you ask? To answer, we'll have to start with the corporate manifesto that’s guided Basis Technologies for over 20 years. The manifesto lays out Basis’ vision, mission, core ideology, and more. Central to its philosophy is our goal to create a new kind of workplace—one where each employee has everything they need to achieve personal growth, well-being, and happiness.

With that vision in mind, we created Wellnesspalooza: a two-month-long series of events aimed at providing our employees with the tools, resources, and information they need to take care of their physical, mental, emotional, and financial health.

Let’s take a quick look at just a few of this year’s Wellnesspalooza events:

Preventative Healthcare Offerings

Preventative healthcare—which gives medical professionals the chance to identify problems before they start—is a vital part of staying healthy. Unfortunately, many of us in the U.S. don’t go to the doctor until we’re sick. It’s such a problem that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has an entire initiative aimed at helping more Americans access these life-saving services.

Wellnesspalooza is structured around two preventative care services offered to our U.S. team members and their spouses each year. First, we provide health screenings that evaluate a variety of health components, including cholesterol, blood sugar, and kidney and liver function, to give employees a complete view of their physical wellbeing. We also encourage employees to take advantage of an online health & lifestyle survey, which asks a variety of questions to assess certain health risks. Our people and their spouses can then choose to share their results with their primary healthcare providers to give them more information with which to understand and track their health.

As an incentive for participating, U.S. employees can earn up to 30% off their healthcare premiums for next year by participating in Wellnesspalooza events and activities. That’s right—we're essentially paying our people to take care of themselves!

Holistic Wellness Activities

OK, maybe the topic of preventative healthcare is a little dry—but the wonders of Wellnesspalooza extend far beyond the health screening and survey. During Wellnesspalooza, we offer a variety of virtual activities and workshops focused on developing physical, mental, emotional, and financial health. Previous years’ Wellnesspaloozas have included everything from bouquet-making workshops and soccer games to kickboxing and cooking classes. Here’s a few examples of what we’re offering this year:

  • A sound bath performance, sponsored by our Basis Beats community group
  • A virtual yoga class
  • A financial wellness mortgage webinar
  • A cookout sponsored by our Black Excellence community group
  • And much, much more!

Join Us!

At this point, we’re sure you’ll agree that Lolla has nothing on Wellnesspalooza. And for those of you on the fence: well, why not enjoy both?

To learn more about Basis Technologies’ guiding principles, workplace culture, and benefits, check out Life at Basis Technologies. Maybe next year you’ll be sound bathing, yoga-ing, and financial upskilling right along with us!

Life at Basis Technologies
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