Oct 22 2020
Basis Technologies

Wellnesspalooza 2020


Every year, Centro hosts a wellness event called Wellnesspalloza. Wellnesspalooza is centered around free health screenings for all employees, as well as their eligible spouses. Centro sets a goal of 100% participation for all employees.

These screenings run over 30 tests, ranging from anemia, infections, and certain cancers to heart disease and stroke. Additionally, employees and their spouses can use their screening results to discuss with their doctors, assess their year-over-year health, and work towards being the healthiest version of themselves.

Each year these wellness screenings are complemented by a week of events promoting many aspects of wellness, including mental, physical, and financial health. These events have included cycling classes, cooking classes, on site manicures, massages, financial webinars, etc.

Every year the events change based on the needs of our employees, but the goal every fall is to provide an opportunity for employees to step away from their daily work and focus on themselves. It’s a time for employees to come together, have fun, and learn more about their health.

Even though all Centro employees remain working from home this year, we knew we still needed to offer this opportunity for our people. All events took place over two weeks, were hosted 100% virtually, and allowed for friends, family, and roommates to join in the fun and learning.

Employees volunteered to teach classes around fitness, cooking, and card crafting. External vendors and partners provided expert knowledge around 401k, RRSP, meditation, home buying, saving for the future, etc. The virtual setting still provided all employees and their families the opportunity to join in and learn something new to better themselves during a stressful time for many.

Apart from Wellnesspalooza, Centro strives to offer the best benefits to employees year-round. Centro’s health insurance plan for employees and their families includes medical, dental, vision, and preventative healthcare. All employees receive Headspace memberships, free and confidential access to our Employee Assistance Program, Rocket Lawyer legal services, student debt contributions, and more.

By offering these programs and initiatives, Centro follows through on our commitment to putting our people first, no matter what.

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