Jun 18 2012
Basis Team

Virtual Experiences from Mobile and OOH Advertising


What if you could successfully complete your weekly grocery shopping from a train station? Peapod, a grocery delivery service based in Illinois, recently made this desirable experience a reality by combining mobile and out-of-home (OOH) advertising in order to launch a “virtual store” in a Chicago train station. The OOH creative entices consumers to download the Peapod mobile application (via a quick response (QR) code). Once downloaded, the application (via iPhone, iPad, Android) gives consumers the ability to scan barcodes of 70 products for purchase. After scanning, users can check prices, purchase goods, and schedule delivery times, all while waiting for their next train.

This Peapod execution is a great example of how to integrate multiple channels to reach consumers. Mobile and OOH are media vehicles built to complement one another. The integration of these two media types presents advertisers with more opportunities to capture consumers’ attention. According to an IAB report, 28% of mobile users are using their phones to find product information and 29% of mobile shopping happens on the go. Peapod’s creative execution effectively brings products to phones and capitalizes on the shopping habits of mobile users.

To create an even larger impact, marketers should consider changing creative from static to dynamic and adding hyper-local mobile targeting to engage users on a local level.

What are some other ways in which you’ve seen mobile and OOH advertising work together?