Jun 16 2015
Basis Technologies

Video Anywhere, Video Everywhere


The Rise in Connected TV

The need for us to always – and in all ways – be connected is no understatement.

We now have more access to screens than ever before, with connected TV gadgets that include smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, over-the-top devices like Amazon Fire and Chromecast, gaming consoles, and more. The average household has 4.4 devices, according to a YuMe & Nielsen study conducted last year, and the majority of consumers use other gadgets while the TV is on.

So why should advertisers and marketers care? More devices per household means an increase in the amount of time consumers spend viewing videos. Adding to that, viewership is more fragmented across those screens. The advertising opportunities here are ample– and according to some pretty impressive numbers, well worth the investment!

Consumer video viewing habits are changing, and they have been for the last few years. Taking a look at Nielsen’s Total Audience Report published in December 2014, traditional TV viewing has dropped among all demographics with the one, not surprising, exception of Adults 65+. Despite that, all demographics – including the older segments – have significantly increased their time spent viewing online.

CTV Impact on Marketers

Fueled by this cross-generational shift in viewership, marketers continue to ramp up their digital spend on media plans – and show no signs of slowing down. eMarketer forecasts that video advertising on mobile alone will grow 70% in 2015.

The future remains bright, according to Forrester – by 2019, marketing leaders will spend more than $103 billion on search marketing, display advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing — more than they will on broadcast and cable television advertising combined. This illustrates how integral advertisers see digital to be. And they’re right – digital is central in consumers’ daily lives, which is why we should be making it a central part of our media plans.

The statistics from industry research leaders and experts speak for themselves– video advertising is a golden opportunity that marketers and advertisers need to be taking full advantage of in the digital space. Still not convinced? Learn more about Connected TV Advertising with Centro.