Oct 15 2015
Basis Technologies

Tweet-Cap: ANA Masters Of Marketing, Day 1 in 140 Characters or Less


The twitter sphere was abuzz with conversation throughout the first day of the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference. As usual, heartwarming, tear-jerking ads captured the limelight, along with a wild karaoke jam session to kick-off the day. Who knew Wilson Phillips could get over 2,000 people on their feet so quickly? But, if there is any one thing to take away from the first day, it is the need for companies to take risks, be relevant, and push the boundaries of creativity in order to spark industry disruption.

But what's the underlying message? Sure, creativity is important and essential in reaching consumers. But without powerful creative and unique messaging, your brand will join the clutter and fall by the wayside. What's needed is unity. Unity in teams, between teams, and the unity of everyone within an organization as a whole. Togetherness will yield greater and faster innovation, ultimately leading towards increased brand success. Such consensus builds confidence, which leads to a greater willingness to seize opportunity.

We'll be live-tweeting Day 2 of the ANA Masters, so be sure to follow @Centro and stay tuned for more insights and wisdom!