Jan 22 2016
Basis Technologies

Tweet-Cap: AdExchanger's Industry Preview 2016


AdExchanger’s Industry Preview 2016 was wrapped up yesterday. Detailing the digital advertising industry’s hot topics for the coming year, there were plenty of great quotes, predictions, and insights. This year in particular, topics such as programmatic TV, cross-device tracking, targeting, and measurement, ad blocking, ad fraud, and native advertising took center stage.

The Rise of Connected TV

With digital spend out-pacing TV ad spend, it’s no wonder the industry is looking to bring an automated buying process to the TV sphere. What adds some complication is the advent of streaming devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast.

Could programmatic TV be more effective in within these streaming services, where ads can be more targeted based upon individual channel subscriptions and user data? This could be the case, rather than making the current TV model more digital.

Since there is no current common measurement standard for cross-device measurement, problems arise in the trustworthiness of the data being collected. Furthermore, being able to link a single user throughout various screen in devices is proving difficult enough as it is.

Spotlight on Native Ads

Native Advertising is on the rise as the next big ad unit. Native is coming up at tough but necessary time. The FTC recently released new guidelines, calling for more disclosure on native ads. With ad blocking software growing in usage, it’s intriguing how native ads are considered a solution to bypass ad blockers and engage customers. Going forward, how will blockers account for the various native forms?

So what should we take away from AdExchanger’s Industry Preview? 2016 will hopefully be packed with plenty of ad innovations and long awaited measurement standards.

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