Nov 4 2015
Basis Technologies

Trends and Investments: Media strategy in an on-demand world


“It’s an on-demand world. We need to make better ads”

  • Said every savvy marketer this year.

Successful ad campaigns start with a marketer’s firm understanding of their audience’s online habits. From research to content consumption to shopping – consumer behavior changes as the media technology around them develops. Our experts at Centro have their fingers on the pulse of the industry, carefully noting and anticipating how these consumer trends affect marketer’s media plans and campaign performance.

Yesterday, along with the American Marketing Association, two of Centro’s data and insights experts presented on the 5 Ways to Turn Digital Trends into Strategies and Investments into Returns. In essence – what you need to know about how consumer trends will affect your media strategies and business results going into next year. Kurt Anderson and Ryan Manchee, our presenters, led our attendees through five key consumer trends that are causing commotion in the industry today. These trends were paired with best practices for marketers to leverage as they employ smarter strategies for 2016.

If you missed the webinar, or would like to share it with someone else who would love these insights, just head to our landing page to download the webinar. If you have any questions on what you heard, feel free to reach out at! We’d love to hear from you.