Jul 18 2019
Maggie Mccann

Tracking Basis Platform's Growth Over 1H


Can you believe the year is half over? Our team has accomplished a lot in the past six months to grow Basis into an even more comprehensive, automated, and intelligent solution for our clients.

Read on to learn how these accomplishments will serve Basis users—And stay tuned for all that’s coming in the second half of the year!

Native and Audio Ads

Early in 2019, our team announced enhanced programmatic advertising capabilities for native and digital audio that push marketers toward complete automation for all media buying and execution.

Audio ads are a powerful addition to any advertising strategy, allowing brands to reach consumers while they’re walking to work, sitting at their desks, or working out at the gym.

Native ads align themselves with the look and structure of the site or content in which they are displayed. They create a less disruptive advertising experience, making native ads a useful layer in any campaign strategy.

Basis’ ability to serve native and audio ads directly from the platform also unifies performance reporting for comprehensive campaign management and optimization.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security have been a focus at Centro this year. Our biggest accomplishment in this arena is Basis’ newads.txt publisher verification on both web and mobile.

With these upgrades, Basis filters all unauthorized and undetermined inventory identified by published ads.txt/app-ads.txt files. In other words, Centro only bids on authorized and unavailable traffic for open market bidding.

If you’re interested in learning more about ads.txt, check out this article in Ad Age, written by Centro’s own Director of RTB Platform Operations, Ian Trider.

Universal Pixel

With universal pixel, one pixel—or string of code—captures all actions! A single pixel is scattered throughout a site with predetermined parameters, which means that media buyers no longer need to create individual pixels for each tracked action, or manually place every pixel on multiple pages.

Universal pixels facilitate the overall management of first-party audiences, allowing advertisers to track multiple independent or correlated events.

LinkedIn Integration

Basis users are now able to pull all their LinkedIn campaign data directly into Basis, enabling them to analyze and manage their digital media campaigns comprehensively. By planning and analyzing all social buys in conjunction with direct and DSP buys, users can plan a more holistic, optimized campaign.


We've also improved Basis’ reporting capabilities to ensure that scheduled reports are sent directly to whoever needs them. This means that recipients are now armed with up-to-date information on their:

  • Business health
  • Revenue projections
  • Client trends, and
  • Yield.

Looking Ahead

We've got big plans for the second half of the year! New forecasting and pacing capabilities, additions to our suite of artificial intelligence solutions, and more are on the horizon for Basis.

If you don’t have a digital media management platform that enables and informs your entire business, it’s time to meet Basis.