Dec 13 2012
Basis Team

Three Streaming Audio Publishers to Consider


1. TargetSpot: Reaching nearly 40 million monthly unique through 3000+ audio content destinations, TargetSpot allows advertisers to serve and target audio ads throughout the US through a combination of larger conglomerates and individual sites. Visit TargetSpot.

2. iHeartRadio: Providing streaming audio opportunities across multiple platforms, while also including unique solutions with artist focused events and custom options.  iHeartRadio has recently relaunched their platform and reaches nearly 30 million monthly unique. Visit iHeartRadio.

3. Spotify: Recently picking up steam in the US, Spotify allows users to select specific songs or artists to listed do on their platform. There is a social focus as well, allow users to view the songs that other are listening to while on Spotify. Advertisers can serve and target ads throughout the entire user experience. Visit Spotify.