Sep 17 2015
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They Just Won’t Quit: Boomers Still Want to Work Post Retirement


In addition to being big spenders and real estate mavens, Baby Boomers plan to work longer. Moreover, AARP’s latest study on work and careers shows that many older workers are interested in working into retirement, with a focus on flexible work arrangements such as part-time work and consulting. In fact, the survey found that a shocking 37 percent of Baby Boomers plan to work for pay after retiring from their current career. Among those seeking post-retirement jobs, 44 percent will look to work in new fields while 23 percent say they’ll stay in the same field. In addition, the survey also found that part-time work was appealing to 73 percent of respondents. Fifty-seven percent said they planned to work for someone else, 21 percent said they would be a contractor and 19 percent said they would start their own business. Check out all the key findings in The Kansas City Star>>