Mar 25 2015
Basis Technologies

The Ultimate Programmatic Package – Brought to You by Centro


When it comes to ad tech, even the most seasoned veterans sometimes look to a refresher on concepts, particularly when it comes to programmatic. Well, look no further – your ultimate programmatic package is here!

To start, we’ve got something that might help you sort through all this industry jargon. It’s a Programmatic Glossary, and it’s your living and growing source for key terms in programmatic. Use it to start learning about the programmatic space or even just to catch up on industry terms – right from the comfort of your desk.

Still want to know more about programmatic? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve included a Programmatic Playbook so that you can take a deep-dive into programmatic, including everything you need to know about its nuances and any best practices for delivering a successful campaign.

Lastly, keep up-to-date with the latest trends in programmatic by checking out our Big Brands, New Demands e-Book . Find out what the biggest names in advertising are up to, what the latest industry trends are, and where the key players see the future of programmatic.

Get your Ultimate Programmatic Package today!

The Programmatic Glossary

The Programmatic Playbook

Big Brands, New Demands