Jun 15 2015
Basis Technologies

The Rise of Digital Video: Is Your Brand in Full View?


Have you met Jennifer? More importantly, has Jennifer met you?

Jennifer started her morning doing yoga along with her favorite YouTube video. On the train, she caught up on the previous evening’s event coverage on the red carpet. After work that evening, Jennifer streamed her favorite TV show online, after missing the episode last week. Without knowing it, Jennifer had been wide open for brand engagement all day – where was your brand?

Times are changing. Are you tuned in or tuned out?

This year, consumers are plowing through content, increasingly through digital video channels. Over 96 million people a day are engaging with some form of digital video, across a variety of devices (nearly 3 devices per person, on average), in a multitude of situations.

Where does that leave us?

For marketers, reaching these consumers through digital video has presented as many challenges as it has opportunities, but the savviest marketers are finding ways to streamline how they handle both. The result? Amplified engagement opportunity.

Join Centro video expert Heather Robertson on Thursday, June 18th at 12:00 PM CST for a webinar that will dive into the expansive world of digital video through the lens of programmatic. Marketers will gain an understanding of the landscape, learn about contextual opportunities within the channel, and get a view into what lies ahead. Our discussion will explore how programmatic technology gives a new edge to data targeting, efficiency and optimization; powering influential, precise campaigns.​ Whether you’re new to programmatic, new to digital video, or simply looking for a new way to reach your video audience, you’ll leave this hour-long webinar with insights you can act upon immediately.

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