Oct 27 2015
Basis Technologies

The Pillars of Performance, Part 4: Exposure


‘Hey I just met you
And this is crazy
But here's my number
So call me maybe….’

Sorry in advance, as you’ll most likely sing this later today and want to send me hate mail but the point of this cruel exercise is that we all know this song. Adults, teens, even toddlers spent the summer of 2012 singing along with Carly Rae. Don’t lie – you know you did, too.

But the ‘stickiness’ of these lyrics is not exclusive to music. What about the Geico gecko or Jake from State Farm? Love ‘em or hate ‘em (“She sounds hideous!”) everyone knows who these characters -- and brands -- are.

From a Pillars of Performance perspective: mission accomplished.

Certainly, there are several reasons why this so, but undoubtedly, exposure and repetition are two of them. Constant exposure to these songs, ads, products, and brands leaves indelible marks on our minds and ensures we remember who to turn to when the time is right.

Despite seeming fairly simple (just hit replay hundreds of thousands of times, right?), exposure requires a thoughtful approach and includes several methods of measurement. Over-exposure is overkill and under-exposure leads to under performance. Like all of our pillars, knowing what your audience wants and needs, when, is critical. In order to maximize the value of exposure, it’s important to interpret marketing signals and apply it to your advertising strategy. This means integrating more analytics into buying decisions.

To learn more about exposure, including the six metrics you need to know in order to execute this pillar properly and increase performance, download the one-sheet here.

Tune back in over the next few days to learn in detail about pillar five and find out what you can do to get started on a performance plan of your own. You can also review Pillar 1: Audiences, Pillar 2: Channel, and Pillar 3: Execution. Questions on this approach? Give us a shout – we’re ready to support your every digital need.