Nov 12 2015
Basis Technologies

The Next American Idol Is...


We all have a favorite show. The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and the like have the power to transport us into a new world and let our imaginations run wild. We don't often include reality TV in the same conversation. But what if it should be? This Centron found inspiration from reality stars in our latest chapter of #CentronShorts. In these brief accounts, we’ll give you a new look into the lives of the Centrons, in ways never before seen. And just so we are clear: no selfie sticks. Please enjoy!

#CentronShorts: The Stories Behind the Shots The Next American Idol is… by Jen Bassik @jenbbb These days, I don’t get around to much TV, but back in the day, I watched enough of it to put any binge watchers to shame. Reality TV, for me, serves its purpose of providing a simple premise that doesn’t require the season-long commitment that scripted shows need. Though it often gets a bad rap for being mindless, let me defend reality TV for a sec. While most of it is likely true, I may be one of the few to admit that I learned something unexpected from reality shows. Interestingly enough, it has helped me in my career. And no, it has nothing to do with voting anyone off the island (or office). It’s more about having the courage to be your authentic self. Most successful show contestants tend to be vulnerable and reveal more about themselves than the show demands. The ones that are sincere about their passions, their misfortunes or their quirky personalities tend to be the most memorable. For me, the value has translated into my work life, not only as a way to integrate myself into the company culture, but also to connect with my colleagues in a meaningful and non-calculated way. Earlier in my career, I tended to be very guarded at work, sharing only the safest and, as a result, probably most boring parts about myself with others. But over time, as I allowed my true self to be discovered and received, I built upon genuine relationships that are rooted in far more than business achievements. It just so happens that karaoke and food tend to be a consistent means for me to break through. Luckily the Centrons are big on both 😊 There you have it: your lesson for the day on how a reality star can be more like your career coach. Have the courage to share your true self with your teammates and I can guarantee that strategy is enough to make you an instant fan favorite.

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