Oct 6 2014
Ryan Manchee

The Latest Edition of DIAL


We figured we would start off your week with some things from our Digital Innovation team’s Digital Innovations Awesome List (DIAL).

Keeping up with all of the news and trends can be tough so we want to make it easier to find the articles, reports, and other bits of awesomeness you probably missed, but should have read. Enjoy!

With Atlas Relaunch, Facebook Advances New Cross-Device ID Based On Logged In Users

16 months. That’s the amount of time Facebook took the beleaguered ad server, Atlas, and rebuilt it into a cross-device measurement solution. This AdExchanger article gives the best breakdown of what it is and what it could mean. The second best? This Digiday article.

Agency Execs Predict Programmatic TV Will Ramp up in Coming Year

Growth from 1% to 5% may not seem like much, but when you’re talking about the $300b TV industry and what’s growing is the rise of programmatic TV it matters. Programmatic TV buying is not necessarily about automating the entire transaction like we do digital, it is more about buying inventory based on data from programmatic tech.

Connected TV Players Turn on the Programmatic Pipes

As more consumers purchase Smart TVs and OTT devices, video advertising opportunities have growth as well, including the ability to buy a portion of this inventory programmatically. Though it’s still difficult to scale at a local level and generally something we recommend including as part of a multi-platform video buy, additional CTV inventory becoming available may attract more TV buyers to the idea of programmatic buying overall.

Sony TV to Carry 22 Viacom Networks

Further disruption in how consumers can consume TV content through Sony’s newish/to-be-launched cloud-based TV service. How will this change the way we can buy TV/video ads and what level of targeting will be available? Something to keep your eye on.

Macy's Brings Location-Based Deals Nationwide With Expansion of iBeacon

With a successful pilot program in the books, Macy’s plans to expand their in-store offer beacon program to all locations. Next year they plan to roll out department specific offers.

Why Banner Ads Are Broken Beyond Repair

A link-baiting title for a thought provoking article about antiquated forms of measurement/success (ie; clicks) and how we can start thinking about the next evolution of digital advertising, especially in an increasingly multi-platform and programmatic world. And some even better points in the rebuttal. Both articles essentially argue that non-targeted banners using CTR as the KPI need to RIP. For bonus insights, read the comments.

Google Builds Out Native Ad Solutions, As Smaller Players Gain Speed

Reports are saying that Google is expanding into Native. By 2015, they are expected to rollout ad-serving support for sponsored posts on premium publisher websites (similar to Nativo and Distroscale), as well as a content recommendation engine (similar to Outbrain and Taboola).

The 5 Most Common Misconceptions on Attribution

Digital advertising was sold through in its earliest days as being so very traceable. Fast forward to today when we’re running big, cross-platform, multi-channel campaigns, and we run into problems trying to take a holistic approach in determining how much credit goes to which components of the campaign. This is a good primer on the 5 common attribution misconceptions.

These Drone-Based Advertisements Were Super Cool And Only A Little Creepy

Are you tired of people droning on about drones? No!? Well then check out this list of drones in advertising and revel in the opportunities for the newest out of home this world ad opportunity.

This World Map Shows Every Device Connected To The Internet

Awesome visual that shows how the world is connected, specifically where every internet connected device is.

Hope your Oktober is pretty guten!