Jul 19 2012
Anthony Loredo

The Everywhere Media Plan


(Digiday) – Consumers are everywhere in media nowadays. It’s time advertisers catch up.

The numbers make it clear that the modern media consumer, aka the digital native, is skipping across media platforms all the time. A recent study conducted by Time Inc. and Innerscope Research showed that digital natives change their media platforms 27 times per hour, while “digital immigrants” (those weaned on traditional media) switch media platforms 17 times per hour.

It is important advertisers recognize that consumers are using their PCs, phones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, and televisions, often simultaneously, to consume media. Instead of isolating new media from display, TV, radio or print, it’s more beneficial to integrate them. It’s no longer about digital media or standard media; it’s all of the above.

A recent Nielsen study found that consumers simultaneously use smartphones, tablets and e-readers, while watching TV. About 40 percent of consumers indicated that they use smartphones and tablets on a daily basis, while viewing TV. Conversely, fewer than 14 percent of consumers indicated “never” using smartphones and tablets with TV. Advertisers should surround consumers with ads as they migrate from one venue to the next. For example, an advertiser can run a standard TV commercial with related mobile and tablet banners and target relevant social conversations to create seamless branding experiences across multiple platforms.

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