Nov 4 2014
Ryan Manchee

The Digital Innovations Awesome List (DIAL)


Hello, readers! Welcome to the latest edition of the Digital Innovations Awesome List (DIAL).

We know it can be tough and time consuming to stay on top of the latest trends in the advertising technology space, so we’ve compiled this list of articles, reports, and other bits of awesomeness you may have missed over the last month, but should definitely read. Let’s DIAL into the details.

Surprise! The Banner Ad Turns 20, and Keeps on Going

What do Justin Bieber and the banner ad have in common? They both turned 20 this year! Also noteworthy: neither one will score you a lot of cool points if you talk incessantly about your undying devotion to either of these topics in social settings (or so my wife tells me). Read through a quick history of the revered banner ad and start planning for the big 2-1 party next October.

eMarketer: Native Advertising Roundup

67% of buyers plan to employ more Native Advertising in the future. Read eMarketer’s report to find out what’s happening with this space as well as gain some good insights from advertisers and publishers who are doing native now.

How can automotive brands use digital to appeal to car buyers?

With more and more automotive purchase journeys taking place online, smart manufacturers and dealerships are using digital channels to engage customers in the early phases of their research.

4 Digital Video Myths Debunked

This article sheds some light on a few common misconceptions about digital video.. Myth #1: Is digital putting an end to TV? Find out here.

À La Carte Cable Is Almost Here

How much would you pay for just the channels you want? October was the month for news about confirmed and/or potential digital subscription services from a few partners like HBO, CBS, and even YouTube.

Cross-Platform Video: Back to Basics

Learn why cross-screen video advertising continues to be a hot topic and how certain challenges are stunting growth.

Nielsen, Adobe Partnership Supports Cross-Platform Measurement Across Web, Apps

Could a newly developed digital content rating establish a new way to evaluate digital video partners in the future?

How iPhone 6 Sensors Will Change Mobile Advertising

The release of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are bringing new changes to mobile advertising opportunities and how brands can leverage the devices for greater activity with consumers.

Over Beaconed Shoppers Opt Out

Is your client gaga for beacons? Find out how shoppers are reacting to this new technology and what considerations you should keep in mind.

Chicago And Big Data

Da Bears, Da Bulls, Da Data. Chicago is becoming a leading model for collecting and managing real-time big data from sensor nodes and mobile phones allowing city leaders to make smarter, earlier decisions regarding a range of urban challenges. Other folks, like the Austin airport, are getting smarter about their data and real world user-experiences, too.

BONUS: If you’ve got a bunch of Halloween candy calling your name, check out this infographic ranking America’s favorite candies and something called a “health rank”. Could there really be such a thing as a healthy candy choice?

Thanks for tuning in to this edition of DIAL. Be happy and be kind!