Oct 22 2015
Basis Technologies

The Audacity to Change Ourselves


The old saying goes, "If you do something you love, you'll never work a day in your life." In no one else is that more clear than this Centron, in our latest chapter of #CentronShorts. In these brief accounts, we’ll give you a new look into the lives of the Centrons, in ways never before seen. And just so we are clear: no selfie sticks. Please enjoy!

#CentronShorts: The Stories Behind The Shots The Audacity to Change Ourselves by Kristoffer "KC" Carter (@kristoffercarter) I've been coming to the same, ever-evolving Centro party for 8.5 years and in no way is that depressing! LOL. Reading our Corporate Manifesto came at the perfect time in my life and my career. I can see now how I needed to raise my expectations of myself and the work I'm here to do. It felt so radical to read: "Lasting success can only be achieved through dedication to the growth, well-being and happiness of the individual. Each person is responsible for her/his own improvement, the improvement of those around them, and the improvement of the company." I really took that responsibility seriously. It's something I've expressed in the last 48 or so New Hire Orientation talks I've given. We need to take the company up on that invitation to work harder on ourselves than we allow anyone or anything to work on us. We need to cultivate the audacity it takes to change ourselves, the teams we serve on, and the industry we serve in. That can feel corny, to be so earnest and idealistic, but wow, how liberating! What IF this was how businesses not only operate, but thrive? I've always found that aspect of Centro's mission easy to align my own dreams and ambitions with. That's what has kept me at the party, and eager to finish what we started together. That belief in the "growth and well-being of the individual" produced profound shifts in not only my professional life, but also in my personal and spiritual lives. I can rattle off my favorite Centron Transformation case studies, but I've been asked to share mine. I've been living a dream of speaking and leading retreats. This photo was taken at the Wisdom 2.0 conference in New York City this past September. Wisdom 2.0 loves companies like Centro, since the conference is focused on the intersection of cutting edge technology and ancient spiritual practice. I spoke on what Apple founder Steve Jobs learned from my guru, Paramahansa Yogananda. It was an inspired day for me, being able to combine my business experience and Centro's award-winning culture with my daily meditation practice as a Kriyaban yogi.

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