Mar 30 2012
Basis Technologies

Technology Advancements Provide More Advertiser Screens


This video for Corning, a specialty glass and ceramics company, really got me thinking about the different ways a brand can reach their consumer.  I couldn’t help but be amazed at all the different types of display screens and it seems we are not far off from this futuristic technology being brought to market. Check out the video below:

As companies like Corning find innovative ways to display household technologies through pliable multi-use glass, advertisers will be challenged with a plethora of options to display their advertisements. What does this mean for advertising agencies? Opportunity.

There is no question that these developments will only further fragment the digital media industry.  The trend of tasking agencies to execute more digital media campaigns with less budgets will put more strain on resources and decrease an agency’s ability to profit from paid digital media.  It is important that agencies focus on opportunities to increase scale and bandwidth to allow them the ability to execute as much paid digital as they need to, without additional overhead.