Jul 30 2012
Basis Team

Tablets are Research and Purchasing Tools


According to eMarketer, one in three online consumers will have a tablet by 2014. With tablet penetration growing, new opportunities to capitalize on consumer behaviors arise. With 41% of U.S. adults listing “shopping” as a reason to purchase an iPad, and mobile internet accounting for nearly 10% of all online shopping sessions, consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable using tablets as a product research and purchasing tool.

While many would agree that smartphones aren’t the best fit for shopping, due to their limited capacity for engagement and smaller screen size, tablets invite engagement, have longer view times and larger screens. In fact, shopping and banking apps make up 20% of tablet app downloads. A study by The Yankee Group showed that nearly a quarter (24%) of tablet owners clicked on ads while using apps. By utilizing in-app advertisements, advertisers can capitalize upon consumer behavior and target consumers while in a purchase mindset.

What are other ways in which marketers can increase engagement with tablet users?