Jan 29 2015
Basis Technologies

#SuperBowlXLIX: Get in the game


For the past 49 years, the Super Bowl has been bringing folks together. What was once a game strictly about athletic expertise, is now an event that’s about much more than just playing pigskin. Super Bowl Sunday serves as a reason to party on a school night, eat a bunch of junk food, drink beer, watch an entertaining halftime performance (usually), and debate about which commercials stole the show. From start to finish, the Super Bowl is an electrifying event, except, of course, in 2013 when the lights went out for a whole 34 minutes.

No matter why you watch, this game generates online and offline conversation for weeks before and then days after. But that’s not the only thing it generates. How about revenue? Like, a ton of it and across a whole spectrum of industries. From food and beverage to retail, electronics, and media, this game generates some serious business. So the question then becomes, are you playing on the field or are you watching from the sidelines?

Use this infographic to understand exactly where and how much consumers are spending in relation to the Super Bowl. It will also help you evaluate how your current game day strategy measures up. Because let’s face it, when it comes to digital (and football), nobody likes a Monday morning quarterback.

If you like what you see, simply download the infographic to save and share.