Apr 26 2012
Basis Team

A Successful Brand: Approach & Advertising

  • Digiday posted an interesting read on how two powerful brands, Tiffany and Zales, battle it out in the digital space. Tiffany effectively executes a holistic approach, which leverages social media, mobile and video to reinforce its brand. The author makes a great point in response to their success, “the best type of advertising is the type that does not feel like advertising at all.” Just think of that signature blue and white box and what it represents; it’s more than jewelry… it’s a personal and emotional experience that in turn creates brand loyalty. Read More: Battle of the Digital Brands: Tiffany vs. Zales
  • What are some of your favorite advertisements? What elements make them a success? Check out the latest TNT video, which magnificently combines reality, entertainment, comedy and curiosity to get its “dramatic” brand message across. This is the type of advertising that successfully tells a brand story. Additionally, it has significant viral potential, retelling its story over and over. To keep this message strong, more opportunities should be seized (across numerous consumer touch-points) to build off this creative masterpiece. Read More: Click Here for Your Daily Dose of Drama