Oct 26 2012
Basis Team

The State of the Agency, Tablets and SMBs

  • In collaboration with BOLO, The Agency Post surveyed advertising professionals to understand the state of their agency. The study offers interesting findings across different categories, such as outsourcing services, client interests, areas where agencies feel unprepared, including media, ROI analysis, mobile, and segmentation, and internal staffing. For example, 93% of respondents stated they will not be hiring in the next six months, which could lead to more agency strain. Read More: State of the Agency Infograph
  • Tablets increase news consumption according to a new PewResearch study. “While most (55%) of tablet news users say the news they get on their tablet is replacing news they would have gotten in other ways, nearly as many (43%) say the news they get there is adding to the overall news they consume.” This further proves that high quality news sites serve as great environments for marketers due to high readership/consumer penetration. Read More: Are New Devices Adding to News Consumption?
  • “Today’s small and medium-sized businesses are well aware that, in the modern marketplace, to ignore digital channels is to be left out in the cold,” according to eMarketer. A recent study found that 40% of small and mid-sized firms plan to increase their digital spending budget within the next 12 months, while only 3.7% said they plan to decrease digital budgets. These businesses recognize that their audiences are more fragmented, which is also pushing them towards a multi-channel approach. Read More: For SMBs, a Path Toward Digital