Aug 15 2019
Basis Technologies

Serve Up Social Media Success


When I moved into my house, the kitchen’s crowning glory was the chef’s stove. This is not the kind of appliance you use to just boil eggs or cook a frozen pizza—it has more burners and settings than I know what to do with! I tried to step up my cooking game, but it just wasn’t the same as having a chef at a restaurant serve up my favorite dish.

I believe that social media has the same underrealized potential for marketers as the chef’s stove had for me when I moved into my new house. Here’s why:

We’ve all read about the impact social media can have on a campaign. Most marketers have translated those basic insights into a cadence of paid and organic content that is published in the hopes of achieving campaign success. But even after you’ve incorporated Facebook into your strategies, it can be hard to determine if it’s being used to its fullest capacity.

Enter the Managed Services team at Centro. They know their way around Facebook like a chef knows their way around a chef’s stove.

Centro’s team is a Facebook Preferred Partner, a level reached by performance thresholds set by Facebook itself. Partnering with Centro’s Managed Services team means you have full access to their expertise in terms of optimizing for KPIs, ensuring a perfect balance of media mix, and understanding your customer journey.

Their secret sauce? Our team utilizes Facebook’s Measurement Solution Tools and applies best practices to use them in service of your campaign goals. These tools include the following:

  • Attribution Testing proves which campaigns, publishers or channels are producing the best results. This test will provide a more complete view of the customer’s journey and each touchpoint they interact with before a conversion takes place.
  • Split Testing highlights which tactics are driving the lowest cost per result. This is a smaller scale test which points out which tactics within your strategies you should move forward with.
  • Brand Lift measures the overall impact that the campaign is having on your brand’s perception. This tool polls audiences to understand how they feel about your brand at any given time.
  • Conversion Lift monitors how the campaign is affecting sales or conversions. This important measurement can show a holistic view of the campaign’s success.

These tools are people-based and cross-channel. That means that the data provided spans individual customers across all digital marketing efforts—not just within the walled gardens of social media. The resulting information can be used to personalize for customers throughout your digital media campaigns to help move them down the funnel.

Our team has the tools and expertise to produce results comparable to a 5 star meal. Why waste any more time using your chef’s stove to make frozen pizzas? Learn more about Centro’s Managed Service Solutions!