May 26 2022
Ryan Manchee

Scout: TV Upfronts, New Digital Ad Regulations, Data Privacy and More in This Week’s Digest of Top Digital Marketing Content 


Welcome to Scout! Each week, our team tracks down the best digital marketing articles, POVs, and reports—so that you don't have to. Here’s what to read from the week of 5/19/22 - 5/26/22 to stay ahead of the curve: 

Digital Advertising Regulation in 2022: What Marketers Need to Know [:04] 

Several new digital advertising regulations have popped up around the globe in the past few months. Here’s what marketers should know about the EU’s Digital Services Act and a newly introduced US Senate bill that threatens to end the Big Four era of Big Tech. 

The Era of Borderless Data is Ending [:09] 

Speaking of regulations, advertisers may soon have to confront a new challenge in the realm of data privacy: “digital sovereignty.” But with the global digital economy built on a foundation of free-flowing data, could this concept break the digital supply chain and inhibit a seamless customer experience? 

How Disney+ Will Include Ads in Movies as New Ad Model Comes into Focus [:03] 

Moana with a side of…marketing? Disney+ recently revealed that their impending ad-supported tier will allow brands to participate in some of the platform’s most coveted content: Disney movies. More details to come, as the connected TV giant’s new ad plan is slated to launch in the fourth quarter of this year. 

Future of TV Briefing: How Amazon, Roku and YouTube are Figuring into This Year’s TV Upfront Market [:08] 

The share of upfront dollars that agencies will give to streaming-only connected TV sellers versus TV networks this year is a topic of much speculation, but execs remain coy. One thing’s certain: this year’s upfront market looks very different than last year’s. 

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