Mar 2 2023
Ryan Manchee

Scout: TikTok Gains Ground, Consumers Hit Their Limits, and More in This Week’s Digest of Top Digital Marketing Content 


Welcome to Scout! Each week, our team tracks down the best digital marketing articles, POVs, and reports—so you don't have to. Here’s what to read from the week of 2/24/23– 3/2/23 to stay ahead of the curve:

Consumers are reaching a breaking point [:10]

Despite the economic uncertainty and high inflation that have defined the last few years, many consumers have been “spending their way through it.” But now, with extra savings from the pandemic dwindling and household debt rising, the tide may be turning. A key takeaway? Brands “can no longer assume that consumers will have the ability or the will to accept higher prices.”

Time Spent on TikTok [:08]

TikTok is a trendsetting app (The latest trend? #Deinfluencing). And with US adults spending more and more time with it, platforms like YouTube and Netflix are losing ground. Learn more about what—and who—is driving TikTok’s growth and what it means for marketers in this report.

AI and Marketing—News About ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, and Other Tools [:05]

There’s a lot to keep track of these days in the world of artificial intelligence! This article is a good one to bookmark (and regularly check back on) for updates on how brands are taking advantage of the newest AI technologies.

The Digital Audio Advertising Guide: A Channel That Can’t Be Beat [:15]

Digital audio is everywhere—and offers seemingly endless opportunities to advertisers. But how can marketers effectively harness its power? This guide covers the latest trends, insights, and research so advertisers can make the most of this unique opportunity to connect with consumers.


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