Apr 21 2022
Ryan Manchee

Scout: This Week’s Top Content from the World of Digital Marketing (4/14/22 - 4/21/22)


Welcome to Scout! Each week, our team tracks down the best digital marketing articles, POVs, and reports—so that you don't have to. Check out the following links to stay ahead of the curve: 

1. Everything You Need to Know About Zero-Party Data [:04] 

Every time you think you've got the hang of this industry, another new term comes along and makes its way into the ad tech buzzword bingo bonanza. The latest is “zero-party data,” and it may be a boon for publishers. 

2. Netflix is Finally Ready to Sell Ads [:03] 

Netflix is planning to incorporate ads into a lower-tier subscription service, the streaming giant confirmed on Tuesday. Advertisers should get excited about the potential vast new inventory, and price-sensitive consumers can look forward to a lower-cost option. 

3. France Clamps Down on 'Zero Carbon' Advertising to Avoid Greenwashing [:02] 

France has tamped down on greenwashing by passing a new truth in advertising law. Starting in 2023, it will be illegal for advertisers to promote products in France as “carbon neutral” without being able to prove it. 

4. What is Responsible Advertising? [:02] 

Mis- and dis-information, deepfakes, and fake news—the past several years have been marked by a proliferation of phrases that identify different varieties of untrustworthy online content. Learn how brands can (and should!) weave responsible advertising into their campaigns to avoid funding toxic content.  

5. As TikTok Takes Over From Facebook, ‘Non-Perfect’ Advertising is Here [:03] 

In this op-ed, George Sharpe argues that as TikTok comes closer to surpassing Facebook’s viewership, viewers will come to prefer “non-perfect video” over produced, polished media. The era of the Instagram filter is coming to an end, and advertisers would do well to consider the cultural shift towards TikTok-style, "real-life" video. 


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