Dec 9 2014
Basis Technologies

Digital Zeitgeist: Big names take on Programmatic


Programmatic is quickly changing the way we think about media buying. Like any new technology, programmatic has had its share of early adopters, eager to test the business results. As bigger brands and publishers get involved, they are challenging the programmatic process -- asking new questions, requesting greater verification, and requiring more data.

Our programmatic team, SiteScout, has been carefully tracking the media industry’s introduction to programmatic, as well as outcomes and patterns. Their bi-weekly blog updates, the RTB Zeitgeist, keeps us up to date on the latest and greatest in our industry’s programmatic journey. We collect the learnings and pass them on to you.

Our second eBook release features selected RTB Zeitgeist articles that speak to the adoption of programmatic by the biggest players and publishers in the industry. Brands and inventory suppliers on either end of the buying process are shaping the way programmatic is purchased. What new challenges are emerging and will programmatic technology rise to meet these new demands? Find out inside.

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